thps3 hints and tips

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Special Moves:
The following moves can be performed when your character's special meter is flashing yellow.

Andrew Reynolds
Nose-grab tailslide -- Up, Down, Grind
Triple heel flip -- Up, Right, Kick flip
Hard-flip late flip -- Up, Down, Kick flip

Bob Burnquist
Rocket tailslide -- Up, Down, Grind
One-foot smith -- Right, Down, Grind
Racket air -- Left, Down, Grab

Bucky Lasek
The big hitter -- Left, Down, Grind
One-foot Japan -- Up, Right, Grab
Finger-flip airwalk -- Left, Right, Grab

Chad Muska
Mute back flip -- Up, Down, Grab
Hurricane -- Down, Right, Grind
Muska nose man -- Right, Up, Grab

Elissa Steamer
Madonna tailslide -- Up, Left, Grind
Hospital flip -- Left, Right, Kick flip
Indy back flip -- Up, Down, Grab

Erik Koston
The fandangle -- Right, Down, Grind
Indy front flip -- Down, Up, Grab
Pizza guy -- Down, Left, Grab

Geoff Rowley
Rowley darkslide -- Left, Right, Grind
Double hard flip -- Right, Down, Kick flip
Half-flip casper -- Right, Left, Kick flip

Jamie Thomas
Beni F-flip crooks -- Down, Up, Grind
Laser flip -- Down, Right, Kick flip
One-foot nose manual -- Left, Up, Grab

Kareem Campbell
Ghetto bird -- Down, Up, Kick flip
Nosegrind to pivot -- Down, Up, Grind
Casper -- Left, Down, Grab

Rodney Mullen
Nollie flip under flip -- Down, Left, Kick flip
Casper to 360 flip -- Down, Right, Grab
Heel-flip darkslide -- Right, Left, Grind

Rune Glifberg
One-foot bluntslide -- Left, Up, Grind
Kick-flip one-foot tailslide -- Left, Down, Kick flip
Christ air -- Left, Right, Grab

Steve Caballero
Hang ten -- Right, Up, Grind
Triple kick flip -- Up, Left, Kick flip
FS 540 -- Right, Left, Grab

Tony Hawk
Overturn -- Down, Left, Grind
Sacktap -- Up, Down, Grab
The 900 -- Get a lot of air and press right, down, grab                                     

enter the following code in the cheats menu in the options section

Backdoor Unlock All Cheats Pause 
Peepshow Unlock All Movies in
Yohomies Unlock All Skaters Including 8 hidden skaters
Weeatdirt Unlock All CAS
Givemesomewood Unlock All Decks Current skater only
PumpMeUp Max your stats
Idkfa Unlock Doom Guy + Gearbox Vid
Magicmissile Unlock all medals

THPS3 DAO (Degree-Add-On) is a glitch where you wallie off a wall and do a special air trick*. You then land, manual and jump back to a wallie quick enough so that the manual does not register. Any spin from this second wallie then will be added to the spin amount (degrees) from your first, thus DAO. As an example you could do a Mistly Flip off the first wallie then just rotate 540 degrees off the next wallie

Thps3 online info

Hosting a server - 1. You have to open your modems settings goto this link it will explain how to access them

2. You will have to forward the following ports TCP/UDP 5150-5151 and 6500

3. Make sure you redirect them to the ip address of your connection this can be found in  my network places/view network connections highlight the connection then at bottum left of screen is the info of connection where the address can be found.

4. Have fun hosting